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An uneducated theory

So, in reading an article last week about the discovery of a giant sloth, in New York I think, I started thinking. Now, I am no astrophysicist, archeologist, or anything thing that would make me even close to have an intelligent conversation regarding such things. Sometimes, the lack of knowledge provides the vision needed to see what other may not. With that being said.. My theory is that the earth used to be much smaller. I think this answers so many questions. If the earth was, at one time, smaller it would have much less gravity, allowing living things to grow much larger. It would also mean that our orbit around the sun would have been more distant. The further distance from the sun would cause the earth to be much colder. This would mean that the frozen portions of the earth would have been much larger or, even cover the entire earth.

My theory is that at some point in the history of the earth, there was a massive expansion. An explosion within the earth that expanded the size of the earth.

I think that continental drift was more likely to have been the earth adjusting to the new size. Imagine taking a jiffy pop container, drawing a picture of the earth the way it is said that it looked prior to continental drift. Put the jiffy pop on the stove and turn on the burner. Watch what happens with the picture. As the tinfoil expands due to the explosions within, parts would move away from one another.

I am sitting here typing this out on my smartphone while on lunch break eating at a Mexican restaurant. So, I know the thoughts are not well formed and my knowledge of such subjects are nearly non-existent. But, I wanted to write this down before I forgot.

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