I Just Want to Fish

I Just Want to Fish


I sit at my desk day in and day out looking out the wall of windows in my office building thinking of how nice it would be to be sitting in my little boat, listening to the birds sing, as I troll along a shoreline pitching a jig or burning a crankbait.  Remembering the sign we used to sell at the Stuckey’s in North East Texas along I-40 I worked in when I was young that so philosophically stated, “The worst day fishing is better than the best day working”.


This makes me think of all of those lucky souls who have my dream job as Professional Bass Fisherman. How does that philosophical sign ring in their ears? I can’t imagine a better life than traveling around the country, waking up at 4am heading to the boat ramp, dumping the boat in the water and heading out on the lake for the day be it for practice or an actual tournament. I even look forward to all of the things in between. Things like sitting on my boat getting all of my equipment ready for the season, the next tournament, sitting in my hotel at night going over lake maps, fishing reports, local blogs and forums to find out what, where and when the fish are biting on the next lake I am heading to.

I even look forward to my losses as much as my victory’s. Walking up on stage to weigh in a big bag of Lake Amistad air, a small bag of Table Rock Bass, and most of all that first day I get to walk on stage with a 30lb bag of Bassmaster Classic winning Largemouth.

3lb bass

It is a dream I dream every day as I look out these windows, as I lay my head down at night after reading a few articles in the latest issue of Bassmaster Magazine and watching a few Bill Dance videos on my cell phone. At 34 years old, I am not sure it is still in the cards for me, but, I know I will spend the rest of my life chasing that dream. There are so many things I need to do before that first Classic or Forest Wood Cup.

I hope all of you will come with me as I embark on this epic journey of rollercoaster type success and failure in my chase of Bass Fishing Fame. Look for my “Plan for Success” in my next article in this series I am calling “The Yellow Brick Road”. So many of you know how much of a pipe dream this truly is. Some of you will be routing for my success and some of you for my failure. I welcome you all as in your own way you will be pushing me forward through all of the highs and lows I have heading my way.

With all of that being said, the first thing I need to do at this point is enter and finish my first tournament as a co-angler. That is the next goal in my Plan. To find out more about my
“Plan for Success” look for the next article!

Thanks for reading,

Blaine Wimberly (Future Forest Wood Cup and Bassmaster Classic Champion)

If you can’t keep them tight, at least keep them wet!


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