Sponsorship Endeavours

I have been thinking about the whole sponsorship thing for over 6 months now. I had a great debate within myself of when was the right time to seek sponsors. I’m not one of those who has a lot of family support as some I have seen. I don’t work for a company who would consider a Bass Angler sponsorship to be a worthy investment, and I don’t have a strong relationship with any local businesses here since I have only been in Nashville for two years.

So, it has been a struggle to decide when the best time was to begin seeking sponsorship. After a great deal of deliberation and people telling me it was time, I have decided it is time to figure out how to get some sponsorship to help with the cost of chasing two tournament trails around Tennessee and push forward in my quest of going pro. The one thing I don’t want to do is market myself to the masses. I want to make sure I only approach companies that I believe in, have a passion for, and can stand proudly as a representative of what they stand for.

So far, I have submitted sponsorship proposals to two different companies.

:Advance Financial:
With great fear and hesitation, I sent my very first sponsorship proposal to a company I have been doing business with on a bi-weekly basis for about a year now. I have several reasons for choosing this as my first company. The customer service I have received while doing business with Advance Financial has been second to none. I know, “Why would you support a company who feeds on people who are at such a tough spot in their lives and catch them in a cycle of endless debt?”. Well, the truth is, they provide a vital service to the community. When someone is in a spot where they are unable to to pay their bills for whatever reason, they are there when no one else is. The loans are meant to be small, short term loans to help someone through a hard time. The cycle comes when people either cannot, or choose not to pay that payment off and move on. Instead they re-write the check or loan and the cycle begins. This is a choice of the person taking the loan, not of Advance Advance Financial as they keep the loan amounts small enough to be manageable. As someone currently caught in that cycle, I can say it is my fault, not the loan company’s.

Because of my appreciation for Advance Financial customer service, their company image, and service to the local community, I chose them as my first target for sponsorship. I regret it may have been a poor decision to choose a company I so passionately wanted to represent as my first target. We all know that the first time you do anything is never your best. The same stands true for submitting a sponsorship proposal. Without the experience, I fear I may have provided a substandard proposal and could very well be the reason for their very kindly worded rejection. This was not unexpected, however, it didn’t lessen the disappointment.

So, that leads me to my next proposal offer. This was probably even more poorly presented as it was a simple message through one of those “Contact Us” pages on their representative’s website. UGH, you would figure I would get better with the second one, not worse.


TheChive.com is a company that I find completely fascinating. It is what most would call a pictorial website that provides endless entertainment of funny, shocking, and sexy (No nudity) photos that people all across the world submit to them. That isn’t the main reason I chose TheChive.com as my next target. The biggest reason is because they are known very well for their philanthropy both in the TheChive.com community and out. They have the ability to move mountains, because of the TheChive.com are a strong, very close community who over and again take a stand together to help their fellow TheChive.com, and their fellow Man. You would be amazed as to how much can be accomplished with a simple photo and description on this site. People can be found quickly, money can be raised, and mountains moved. Stop on by the site and see what it is all about. Warning though, it can become VERY addictive.

I am currently still waiting a reply from them, but, I will let you all know as soon as they respond to me.

If you read this, and would like to see one or a combination of these companies sponsor my Fishing, please do not hesitate to stop by and let them know. While they may say no now, if given enough of a reason to reconsider, we may still have a chance. :) And, if you feel compelled to provide a donation to the cause, please don’t hesitate to do so either by clicking the Paypal donate buttons throughout this site, or going to GoFundme.com and helping me reach my goal. Even $5 adds and is highly appreciated.

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