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FLW Needs to get with the times.

I know it’s supposed to go unsaid, but, FLW really needs to step up their live coverage game. This “on the water” crop that they currently have is only a little better than a punch in the eye. FLW is so far behind the likes of BASS with their live format, it isn’t even funny. FLW, please get your game on track with today’s information age. We need better coverage for these tournaments!! Oh, and while I am on my soap box, what’s up with not being able to go back and watch a weigh-in? The live weigh-in feature is nice, but, would love to go back through and see the ones I missed. :-)


Some thoughts going into this next tournament on Old Hickory. This has always been my worst Lake. I have had very little luck catching any bass over the 12″ mark. I’ve caught tons of fish, I’ve seen tons of fish caught. However, for whatever reason, I just never do any good.

A friend of mine (Jimmy Trigg) and I headed out a couple of weeks ago, just for some fun fishing. He, like so many others I have fished with in mid summer, wanted to beat the banks. This resulted in the same 12″ bass I have been used to. Given the thoughts of Kentucky Lake, I suggested we find a spot in about 15-20′ of water with a good hump or drop off near by.

Wouldn’t you know it. He knew of just the place, and we caught good fish. The biggest going for just under 4lbs, but we only hung out there for a little while as we moved on in favor of deep docks, which didn’t really pan out.

I can’t wait to get a decent boat and head out on that Lake and finally figure it out. I know, as is evident at the weigh-ins, that there are good fish in this lake. I just really want to spend some time alone on a boat with good electronics working the lake the way I should and figure out exactly what this lakes patterns really are.

As for the tournament this weekend.. I’m not even sure I will make it in. I don’t have a link this time, and didn’t really get my entry paid as soon as I would have liked.

Fingers are crossed and we will find out tomorrow. Saturday I will be at the mercy of my boater to get me withing casting distance of the fish, and at my own mercy to chose the proper presentation and adjust as needed, both to the 93 degree weather, and my boaters temperament in regards to Co anglers and whether or not they should be allowed to fish.

Until tomorrow, all I will be thinking about is a tight wet line…

Take a Brat fishing…

I was raised in the military. My father was in the US Air Force until well after I moved away from home.

Children who are raised in the military are affectionately referred to as Military Brats. For instance, I was raised as an Air Force Brat.

Understanding the difficulty of a child raised in these types of situations, I have decided that my gift to society shall be a charitable organization which seeks out the parents of Brats who would like for their child to go fishing.

While we will be focused on children of deployed, disabled, or fallen soldiers, we will be open to all military children who are interested in getting a chance to get on the water, learning to fish, and enjoy the outdoors.

We will not be opening the program until we are able to procure a boat worthy of such an endeavor. So, if you are interested in helping us make this dream a reality, please click on the donate button on this or any BlaineWimberly.com  page to help.

We will be placing the name of all who donate on the wrap for the boat no matter how much you donate.

If you would like to be involved, please let us know. We would love to have many chapters around the country or even the world.

Frogs on Rip Rap?

Have you ever even thought about using a frog on a rip rap bank for big bass?

Yeah, me either. Frogs are for grass, or, that’s what I thought anyway.

Not according to this article with Shaw Grigsby on Wired2fish.com. Give it a look and see what you think.

I Just Want to Fish

I Just Want to Fish


I sit at my desk day in and day out looking out the wall of windows in my office building thinking of how nice it would be to be sitting in my little boat, listening to the birds sing, as I troll along a shoreline pitching a jig or burning a crankbait.  Remembering the sign we used to sell at the Stuckey’s in North East Texas along I-40 I worked in when I was young that so philosophically stated, “The worst day fishing is better than the best day working”.


This makes me think of all of those lucky souls who have my dream job as Professional Bass Fisherman. How does that philosophical sign ring in their ears? I can’t imagine a better life than traveling around the country, waking up at 4am heading to the boat ramp, dumping the boat in the water and heading out on the lake for the day be it for practice or an actual tournament. I even look forward to all of the things in between. Things like sitting on my boat getting all of my equipment ready for the season, the next tournament, sitting in my hotel at night going over lake maps, fishing reports, local blogs and forums to find out what, where and when the fish are biting on the next lake I am heading to.

I even look forward to my losses as much as my victory’s. Walking up on stage to weigh in a big bag of Lake Amistad air, a small bag of Table Rock Bass, and most of all that first day I get to walk on stage with a 30lb bag of Bassmaster Classic winning Largemouth.

3lb bass

It is a dream I dream every day as I look out these windows, as I lay my head down at night after reading a few articles in the latest issue of Bassmaster Magazine and watching a few Bill Dance videos on my cell phone. At 34 years old, I am not sure it is still in the cards for me, but, I know I will spend the rest of my life chasing that dream. There are so many things I need to do before that first Classic or Forest Wood Cup.

I hope all of you will come with me as I embark on this epic journey of rollercoaster type success and failure in my chase of Bass Fishing Fame. Look for my “Plan for Success” in my next article in this series I am calling “The Yellow Brick Road”. So many of you know how much of a pipe dream this truly is. Some of you will be routing for my success and some of you for my failure. I welcome you all as in your own way you will be pushing me forward through all of the highs and lows I have heading my way.

With all of that being said, the first thing I need to do at this point is enter and finish my first tournament as a co-angler. That is the next goal in my Plan. To find out more about my
“Plan for Success” look for the next article!

Thanks for reading,

Blaine Wimberly (Future Forest Wood Cup and Bassmaster Classic Champion)

If you can’t keep them tight, at least keep them wet!


A Total Bass Obsession


/əˈdikSHən/NounThe fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

There are many things one can become addicted too in life. When one thinks of an addiction, they think of things like smoking, drugs, alcohol and other addictions that follow those lines. I’m not sure many people think of things like Bass Fishing as being an addiction.

Well, I am here to tell you that it is just as addictive and can easily become just as expensive and damaging as any drug.

Have you ever let a bill go unpaid because you needed a new rod and reel? Have you ever been counting the money in your hand wondering if you should go grocery shopping or head to Bass Pro Shops to pick up those latest lures? Ever been asked by a very attractive woman to go shopping for thongs and turn her down because the weather was just right for heading out to try and catch that personal record Largemouth?

I’ve been there and I am proud to say, I  still am. “Proud?”, you say? Yes, proud to be a bass addict. I can’t think of anything

better in the world that sitting on my boat, looking out over the beautiful water, slinging that lure out, watching it hit the water and reeling it in with a twitch here, a twitch there then BAM!!! That line goes tight, the rod bends and the fight is on!


Landing that 5lbs horse of a bucket mouth bass get the heart pounding and  adrenaline racing through the vains and you can’t think of anywhere on earth you would rather be.

So, can one be addicted to bass fishing? I am here to tell you yes, by all means, one can easily become addicted to bass fishing.

Finally picked a Direction for the Blog

20121230_144104Bass Fishing is the chosen direction. It is my new obsession. I have missed out on several things I would have loved to put on here, like the 5lb Largemouth I caught in 48 degree water on a Storm Swim Shad the day after a small snow storm. Although I have missed a few things, I think I am starting this thing at just the right time. I am going to upload some random photos shortly of fish I have caught over the past few months just to get caught up, but then I will be posting regularly from then on about all things in my life that pertain to bass fishing.

My ultimate goal:
The ultimate goal of all of this is to one day fish professionally. This is a dream I am picking up from my father. He went pro for a short time. I would just like to try to pick up that torch and expand on it and I want to take all of you along for the ride. No matter where this ends, the trip should be a lot of fun. So, come on and join me on my bass fishing adventures.

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