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Some thoughts going into this next tournament on Old Hickory. This has always been my worst Lake. I have had very little luck catching any bass over the 12″ mark. I’ve caught tons of fish, I’ve seen tons of fish caught. However, for whatever reason, I just never do any good.

A friend of mine (Jimmy Trigg) and I headed out a couple of weeks ago, just for some fun fishing. He, like so many others I have fished with in mid summer, wanted to beat the banks. This resulted in the same 12″ bass I have been used to. Given the thoughts of Kentucky Lake, I suggested we find a spot in about 15-20′ of water with a good hump or drop off near by.

Wouldn’t you know it. He knew of just the place, and we caught good fish. The biggest going for just under 4lbs, but we only hung out there for a little while as we moved on in favor of deep docks, which didn’t really pan out.

I can’t wait to get a decent boat and head out on that Lake and finally figure it out. I know, as is evident at the weigh-ins, that there are good fish in this lake. I just really want to spend some time alone on a boat with good electronics working the lake the way I should and figure out exactly what this lakes patterns really are.

As for the tournament this weekend.. I’m not even sure I will make it in. I don’t have a link this time, and didn’t really get my entry paid as soon as I would have liked.

Fingers are crossed and we will find out tomorrow. Saturday I will be at the mercy of my boater to get me withing casting distance of the fish, and at my own mercy to chose the proper presentation and adjust as needed, both to the 93 degree weather, and my boaters temperament in regards to Co anglers and whether or not they should be allowed to fish.

Until tomorrow, all I will be thinking about is a tight wet line…

Center Hill BFL

Center Hill Recap – BFL
Center Hill is a beautiful lake. I spent four weekends in a row down there practicing before the tournament. Every time I went, I caught between 10-20 bass at a time. All be it they were almost all Spotted Bass, they were nice and most of them in keeper range.

I caught one of my favorite spotted bass of all time there. I called her Miss Piggy. She was about a 3.5lbs spotted bass that looked as though she had swallowed a Nurf football. Miss Piggy was a whole lot of fun to catch.

Anyway, with all of the work I did pre-fishing Center Hill, as a Co-Angler, it did me no good at all. I dialed in the colors they were keying in on, the type of lures I was going to throw, and spots that would be good in case my boater needed a few.
The night of the draw, I was excited to hear I had drawn Adam Wagner as my boater. I had heard many good things about him, he is about as good as they come around this area, and his stats backed it all up. So, I, as excited as a teenage girl on prom night, went bouncing over to introduce myself.
The first words out of his mouth were, “you are going to hate me tomorrow.” Oh, great! As smart as I thought I was, and thinking of every angle, I missed one scenario that was going to be detrimental to my success. “Why am I going to hate you tomorrow”, I asked. “I will be bed fishing all day tomorrow”, he replied.
For those of you who don’t know what that means, it basically means that he would be fishing by sight all day, and he did. We trolled the banks until he found a bass sitting on bed and would work that fish until he caught it. This left me working every other location I could find. I spent the majority of my day slinging my Alabama rig as far as I could over the boat slips, down the banks behind us where he had already been, and all the way across pockets we were fishing to hit the opposite banks.
Now, it was far from Adam’s fault that I zeroed out that day, because, in the end, that is exactly what happened. But, it didn’t make it any easier for me. I had two different fish on and lost them both. One I had hooked from about 60 yards away on the opposite bank on my Alabama Rig, but she jumped clean out of the water at about 50 yards and threw the hook. I can’t even remember what I had the other hooked on, but, I am sure it was the ‘rig’. I had just come off of a win with that thing and didn’t want to put it down.
My unwillingness to let go of what I just knew worked, was what ultimately killed me.
So, the lessons learned from Center Hill are these..
1. Give it up if it isn’t working!
2. Being on the back deck of someone bed fishing sucks
3. Practice (for a co-angler) only helps if your boater thinks the same way you do.

Blaine Wimberly Wins Co-Angler Percy Priest BFL

Percy Priest Turn Around

Well Well Well, what an experience that was. Talk about a 180 degree turnaround from the last tournament. Fist of all, I drew one hell of a partner. I never thought I would ever draw a boater who was just as concerned about me catching fish as himself. Not only did he put me on the fish, he even gave me the tools to get the job done.

I was introduced to Scott Lefevers Friday night before the tournament at the Angler meeting. He seemed like a pretty cool guy, but I had no idea. When I showed up at the ramp the next morning I was introduce to Shamu. A really nice black and white Stratus boat. I am telling you, it’s the nicest boat I have been on, ever. I wish I had gotten more details on it so I could have listed the stats here.  The good thing is, he works for C&O Marine, so you can contact him and he can hook you up with all the details. Maybe he will come across this one day and tell us about the boat.

On to good stuff..

We launched out boat #22 in the second flight. Twenty two other boats headed out before we did. With one special spot in mind, I thought for sure we were never going to get there before anyone else. I was worried, but, Scott didn’t have a care in the world. I soon found out why. I don’t know what he has had done to that boat, or how that man knows this lake the way he does. We took out Fate Sanders like a mad woman going, well you know. He laid down on that Hot Foot, pinned me to the back of my seat, and off we went. It wasn’t until about the third boat we passed that I realized just how fast we were really going.

We passed every boat by with easy. He would pull up right behind the boat ahead of us, then jump their wake to the right and around we would go. This was the most exciting boat ride I have ever been on, and Scott sure knew how to handle the boat better than anyone I had ridden with.

We headed way down river to a little spot where the river was choked down by a small point that took the river down to about 30-35 feet wide from the typical 70 or so feet it was to either side of this point. Right at the end of that point in the middle of the channel there was a tree submerged in about 14 to 18 feet of water. I built a Tennessee rig the night before with 4 small havoc sick fish, and one large matching sick fish. Two of the smaller ones were just on center pin screw locks, and the others were all on 1/4 ounce jig heads. I started the day off throwing that rig. Hung it up second cast. I caught one small Largemouth that wouldn’t measure, but never even got another bite on it.

In the interest of saving time, long story made short, we crushed them in that tree. He won the boater side and I won the Co-angler side of the tournament. Needless to say it was a complete 180 from the last tournament. I owe the win to Scott for putting me on the fish and even letting me tear up some of his spinner baits to build an a rig like his. That is how I caught my 4 fish. So, thank you Scott.

If any of you are looking for a new boat, used boat, or anything for your boat, head on over to C&O Marine.

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