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2013 Season Wrapping Up

So, it has been an amazing first year in the bass fishing tournament world.

Being able to successfully complete one full season in the last year of the Bassmaster Weekend series by American Bass Anglers was good. Not the finish I would have hoped for, but, 47th for the season in my first try is somewhat respectable, if you were to ask me.

I would have loved to hit the water in the southern regional on Neely Henry and make it to the nationals on my second home lake Old Hickory. It just wasn’t in the stars this round.

On the up side, I am poised to make it to the FLW BFL regional on Lake Lanier in two weeks. Sitting in 13th for the season and only one tournament to go on my home waters of Percy Priest Lake. This is the lake I pulled the off the win on in March of this year.

Things are looking pretty scary as the tournament comes closer though. The last time I called to check my place on the waiting list, I was 10th. That was one week from tournament check-in. So, I don’t know if I will get to fish this last tournament or not. You will have to check back for an update.

As for the 2014 season, things couldn’t be looking batter. I have managed to pull in two pro-staff positions with some pretty amazing companies.


Gray Goat Lures graygoatlures.com in conjunction with Home Grown Tackle homegrowntackle.com looks like it will be my main logo for 2014.

Gray Goat Lures is a custom spinner bait company that makes custom spinner baits of all imaginable sizes and colors. These are top quality spinner baits made from the best possible components. I am very proud to be a part of the organization.

Homegrowntackle.com is the future store front for Gray Goat Lures. The company is working to expand the selection of tackle and fishing products is offers. They will specialize in home made tackle from companies or individuals employing less than 5 people in their operations. This will help to expand the number of customers they reach and increase their bottom line.


My second partnership for 2014 is Raw Jigs rawjigs.com. Talk about amazing custom Jigs. Anyone who knows me, knows I throw a jig more than anything else. I catch the largest majority of my fish on a jig. So, I know what it takes to make a quality jig, the colors, shapes, sizes, and hooks it takes to get them to bite and keep them buttoned up and it the boat. Raw Jigs makes a jig that is of the highest quality. They offer many amazing colors, sizes, and styles out of the box. The best thing is, they can make whatever you want. Is there a special color you are looking for? Can’t find it anywhere else? They will make your Jigs to your exact specifications with no problem. Not many companies can offer you that type of service. Did I mention they are cheap too?

Anyway, like I said,  things are looking like they are shaping up for 2014. My dreams of going pro are getting closer and closer.

I look forward to making my mark on the companies I represent. I will do everything in my power to increase their sales, and making them proud to have me as a representative of their brand.

So, here’s to new relationships, increased profits, and tight lines! Bring on 2014!

Center Hill BFL

Center Hill Recap – BFL
Center Hill is a beautiful lake. I spent four weekends in a row down there practicing before the tournament. Every time I went, I caught between 10-20 bass at a time. All be it they were almost all Spotted Bass, they were nice and most of them in keeper range.

I caught one of my favorite spotted bass of all time there. I called her Miss Piggy. She was about a 3.5lbs spotted bass that looked as though she had swallowed a Nurf football. Miss Piggy was a whole lot of fun to catch.

Anyway, with all of the work I did pre-fishing Center Hill, as a Co-Angler, it did me no good at all. I dialed in the colors they were keying in on, the type of lures I was going to throw, and spots that would be good in case my boater needed a few.
The night of the draw, I was excited to hear I had drawn Adam Wagner as my boater. I had heard many good things about him, he is about as good as they come around this area, and his stats backed it all up. So, I, as excited as a teenage girl on prom night, went bouncing over to introduce myself.
The first words out of his mouth were, “you are going to hate me tomorrow.” Oh, great! As smart as I thought I was, and thinking of every angle, I missed one scenario that was going to be detrimental to my success. “Why am I going to hate you tomorrow”, I asked. “I will be bed fishing all day tomorrow”, he replied.
For those of you who don’t know what that means, it basically means that he would be fishing by sight all day, and he did. We trolled the banks until he found a bass sitting on bed and would work that fish until he caught it. This left me working every other location I could find. I spent the majority of my day slinging my Alabama rig as far as I could over the boat slips, down the banks behind us where he had already been, and all the way across pockets we were fishing to hit the opposite banks.
Now, it was far from Adam’s fault that I zeroed out that day, because, in the end, that is exactly what happened. But, it didn’t make it any easier for me. I had two different fish on and lost them both. One I had hooked from about 60 yards away on the opposite bank on my Alabama Rig, but she jumped clean out of the water at about 50 yards and threw the hook. I can’t even remember what I had the other hooked on, but, I am sure it was the ‘rig’. I had just come off of a win with that thing and didn’t want to put it down.
My unwillingness to let go of what I just knew worked, was what ultimately killed me.
So, the lessons learned from Center Hill are these..
1. Give it up if it isn’t working!
2. Being on the back deck of someone bed fishing sucks
3. Practice (for a co-angler) only helps if your boater thinks the same way you do.

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